SEEK isn’t just for students.

You may have just graduated or you’ve been living life beyond campus for years.

You’re looking for answers, for fellowship, and sometimes just to keep your feet on the ground.

Life after college has so many demands. What better time to renew your promises to God.

Think back to your first FOCUS conference. Remember your encounter with God there, how it changed your life. Or maybe you’ve never experienced SEEK. Wherever you are, it’s time to reignite your faith.


Here’s what parishioners and FOCUS alumni are saying!

"I learned about the love of Christ"
“I learned about the love of Christ”

"It made me pray"
“It made me pray”

"Seeing the life of the Church moved me"
“Seeing the life of the Church moved me”

"Oasis in the desert"
“Oasis in the desert”





"I was moved"
“I was moved”



"Reminded me I have a large role to play in the Church"
“Reminded me I have a large role to play in the Church”

“SEEK was like an oasis in the desert for me. Mediocrity in my Catholic faith is not an option for me anymore.”

“It rejuvenated me and gave the perspective and enthusiasm I needed to work back in the parish”

“[SEEK] reminded me that I have to be play a larger role in the building up of the universal Church, especially in the state of our modern times.”

“I continued to deepen my relationship with God, got to meet “normal” people my age who share the passion for the faith, and felt peaceful about the plans I think God has in store for me.”

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